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Roxlyn Moret and Andreas Wirz have been performing and teaching movement for 40 years. Professional dance and creative movement awakened their curiosity to study the functional anatomy of the body. An interest in the healing arts coupled with the desire to open up to their full movement potential inspired them to explore yoga, breath, martial arts and mindfulness. Roxlyn's work has been strongly influenced by the work of her longtime mentor, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen {founder of Body Mind Centering®.}

In Embodied Breath Yoga classes we open our awareness to the contents of our bodies: muscles, bones, ligaments, organs and fluids. As we listen to our different body systems we can discover all of the support and pathways of movement that are available to us.

Roxlyn and Andi create the space to explore and integrate the early developmental movement patterns that take us from our bellies as infants to crawling and walking. This can enhance the quality, expression and cohesiveness of our asana practice.

Embodying our embryological beginnings is a direct way to perceive our body's beginning story, our history. We experience our energetic pathways and our deepest knowing.

The embodied breath gives rise to conscious, effortless movement. Our asana practice becomes an invitation to experience and cultivate a dynamic healing energy; an ease, a spaciousness and a freedom in our lives.